Life goes on
Life goes on spray, 340 oil barrels. 2017.

My project is called "Life goes on".
Urban Nation Berlin and Goethe-Institut invited me to SAM to participate in exhibition devoted to 100 year anniversary of October Revolution.
Wall of 340 oil barrels, which one of is 56cm in diameter. There is a face on every barrel. In total, faces form a mob with a rather dubious banner.
After a year, the museum will erase my work, to make a free place for the new one.
This process will be saved on video. Frame by frame you will see how spray remove the revolution mob both literally and figuratively.
The mob will vanish, as vanish in time all the events of past. Vanish for something new.
My project is called "Life goes on". It indeed goes on. Revolutions happen and pass, but life goes on.