Happy Birthday Mr. Rebus (2007)
Happy Birthday Mr. Rebus (2007)

It’s 10 year anniversary of my character Mr. Rebus.
He was created in 2007 and partially based on appearance of my father: huge red ears, messy black hair, straight nose, and eyes which are portals to another world. He has unproportionally big palms of bright red color. With its long fingers he, like a conductor, lead the orchestra in his own head. Because of a pale face and fondness of dark tones in clothes, a strong contrast is achieved which make him look like a mime. Mr. Rebus in general sense is not a hero nor a villain. Upon the creation I intentionally didn’t limit his essence. In a near future I will introduce him to you more closely. For now, I congratulate Mr. Rebus with anniversary.
In this example photos of my father, it’s noticeable how I work with character’s points of view.